Digital Services

Digital Services

Digital and networked

With our digital services, you stay networked and up to date with the latest technologies. Monitor and analyze your processes. Our solutions help you make your production more transparent and more efficient.

Digital Services

Bystronic already delivers its state-of-the-art machine platforms “Industry 4.0 ready”. Machine data can be collected and analyzed via the Connectivity Kit. So our global support is always just a click away and supports you in the event of a machine failure quickly and competently. With our OPC-UA interface we also enable the integration of systems and software.


    Digital real-time information for sheet metal parts production. The ByCockpit keeps you up to date with selected key indicators on the machine performance, manufacturing efficiency, and material stock.

  • Full transparency on productivity and optimization potential. Real-time monitoring provides key indicators on all the integrated Bystronic cutting and bending machines (that are equipped with the OPC UA interface)
  • Unique widget design enables a global overview of the production processes and detailed views of the machine performance, machine utilization, productive and maintenance times, and material stock in the warehouse
  • The ideal configuration for every user. A wide range of widgets enables individualized selection of key indicators and a combination of detailed views in the ByCockpit using the drag and drop principle
  • Monitoring of key indicators at any time and from anywhere. As a web application, the ByCockpit is available on virtually all mobile devices

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