Mobile Bending Cell 40 & 80

Mobile Bending Cell 40 & 80
Mobile Bending Cell 40 & 80

Powerful bending automation in its most flexible form

  • Highest degree of flexibility for fluctuating order situations: You manually bend complex small series and use fully automatic bending for large series
  • Bending automation with a minimal footprint: The bending performance of the Xpert 40 or 80 combined with the productivity of the Mobile Bending Robot
  • The concept of automation on demand: Conversion from manual operation to fully automated production in under 10 minutes
  • Simple programming using the Robot Manager: You program all your bending jobs offline using the Robot Manager software. Subsequently, you simply import all the data into ByVision Bending without interrupting running manufacturing processes
  • Flexible upgrade with the Mobile Bending Robot: Customized functional expansion of the manual Xpert 40 and 80 press brake to create a fully automated bending solution

Mobile Bending Cell 40 + 80
Max. load 10 kg
Max. part size ca. 300 x 600 mm
Max. part weight ca. 7 kg
Air supply 5 – 7 bar
Weight 1 t

* Not all products listed are available in all countries.

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