Plant Manager

Plant Manager

What is the Plant Manager?

The Plant Manager is a unique tool with which you can plan and monitor all laser cutting andbending processes in both an automatic and informed way.

Which tasks does the Plant Manager assume?

Each ERP system is subdivided into individual work cycles in the production chain. One of these cycles is the general planning of cutting and bending processes. Here, the Plant Manager assesses and refines the planning automatically. In this way, individual steps and time are saved, costs are reduced, and error sources are eliminated. Furthermore, the Plant Manager initiates and monitors parts production and provides you with comprehensive statistical data.


  • The Plant Manager draws job data from the ERP system or other job sources and links them with the CAD data
  • The Plant Manager groups parts according to type of material, material thickness, and schedule, as well as according to cutting head, cutting nozzle and machine
  • It creates optimal cutting and bending programs and applies the suitable cutting technology
  • Plant Manager reduces set-up times thanks to optimal planning of the bending tools


  • The Plant Manager manages and controls all machine jobs, including your express jobs
  • It plans for maintenance windows and shifts
  • The Plant Manager monitors and visualizes the processes on the individual machine systems and the condition of these systems
  • Plant Manager provides you with a complete production overview


  • The Plant Manager assesses all relevant machine and job data for you and provides you with the corresponding statistics
  • If a defined event takes place, the Plant Manager will send you a corresponding email

Customer benefits

  • You can manufacture parts more quickly, at a lower cost, and with less effort
  • Your processes will run more reliably because manual entries are no longer necessary and machines are regularly maintained
  • You retain a complete overview of your production and the condition of your machine systems
  • You receive data with which you can further increase your production efficiency

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